Project Geronimo WIP

This image seems a step back, but unlike the last one, the project now has a properly set up package hierarchy and collision data. Materials should be on in the next 24 hours.



It has begun. The process has slowed a little because instead of painting everything; I have decided to paint each object then bring it into UDK. This way I have a little more quality control and can find and fix material issues more quickly (main room emissives, and console glass, I’m looking at you).


Initial UDK Test and Roundel Detail


Project Geronimo WIP 3

After re-examining my references, I decided to restart the TARDIS aspect of the project. Using a floor plan of the set provided by the user Kingpin over at, the interior is coming along much more nicely. I expect to be texturing it by this weekend, and aim to have it in UDK before the 23rd. Initial UDK testing of the room is showing to be highly promising. I will post pics of that in a day or two.



So, Im gonna be trying something a bit different. Yes, I know the web is full of 3D Sonic Screwdrivers, but this..this is just the start. stay posted world!








Extra Life Charity Marathon is running a charity gaming marathon to raise money for local children’s hospitals. This is a really cool way to raise money for charity and to help sick children.

If you want to join, here is their website:


If you want to help the cause, but can’t dedicate the time due to obligations or work, you can sponsor someone to play! Here is the link to my page should you choose to sponsor:

Sponsor my marathon attempt


Resuming the Resume

Took me longer than it should have ((almost a year *cough cough*)) but finally have my resume up and ready! And it’s available in 3 formats, with a possible OpenOffice version coming soon.


Schools Out For Summer

Well the Solminus project is about wrapped up, finished a flying castle, and a temple made of metal instead of stone. Been a crazy 11 weeks, however don’t think I’ll be idle for the 3 week summer break. I’m working on some landscape paintings in Photoshop, keeping up my graphite and charcoal abilities, and I’m working on a remake of a Metroid Prime: Hunters multiplayer map in UDK. I’ll post more about most of these later. Also, in case it’s hard to see, the website has been updated and redesigned. I think it’s looking pretty good. Anyways, I leave you with this for the summer: