Pardon the Dust and Dead Links

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Updating and rebuilding the website from the ground up to be something cleaner, leaner, and faster than before.

I apologize for any dead ends, bugs, or 404’s that might turn up over the next few days.

The Witching Well Launched

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of The Witching Well on Google Play!
The Witching Well is a physics based free fall game that sends you on a quest to recover your lost magic hat.
Navigate the labyrinthine wells using your phone or tablet’s accelerometer and collect wishes to find your hat faster!

Get it on Google Play

Project Geronimo WIP

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This image seems a step back, but unlike the last one, the project now has a properly set up package hierarchy and cion data.


Materials should be on in the next 24 hours.






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It has begun. The process has slowed a little because instead of painting everything; I have decided to paint each object then bring it into UDK. This way I have a little more quality control and can find and fix material issues more quickly (main room emissives, and console glass, I’m looking at you).

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