The Witching Well Launched

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of The Witching Well on Google Play! The Witching Well is a physics based free fall game that sends you on a quest to recover your lost magic hat. Navigate the labyrinthine wells using your phone or tablet’s accelerometer and collect wishes to find your…


Project Geronimo WIP

This image seems a step back, but unlike the last one, the project now has a properly set up package hierarchy and collision data. Materials should be on in the next 24 hours.



It has begun. The process has slowed a little because instead of painting everything; I have decided to paint each object then bring it into UDK. This way I have a little more quality control and can find and fix material issues more quickly (main room emissives, and console glass, I’m looking at you).


Project Geronimo WIP 3

After re-examining my references, I decided to restart the TARDIS aspect of the project. Using a floor plan of the set provided by the user Kingpin over at, the interior is coming along much more nicely. I expect to be texturing it by this weekend, and aim to have it in UDK before the…



So, Im gonna be trying something a bit different. Yes, I know the web is full of 3D Sonic Screwdrivers, but this..this is just the start. stay posted world!            


Extra Life Charity Marathon is running a charity gaming marathon to raise money for local children’s hospitals. This is a really cool way to raise money for charity and to help sick children. If you want to join, here is their website:   If you want to help the cause, but can’t dedicate the time due to…


Resuming the Resume

Took me longer than it should have ((almost a year *cough cough*)) but finally have my resume up and ready! And it’s available in 3 formats, with a possible OpenOffice version coming soon.

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